Cape Town Coaches

  • Siyabonga Buthelezi

    B.Com Econ & Statistics (UCT 2015)

    Born in the small township of Orange Farm in Johannesburg and bred in the township of Madadeni in Newcastle KZN, Siya developed his interest in maths by selling sweets and chips at taxi ranks where counting over the taxi window was fast. Before he knew it, he was a maths addict!

    Siya is dedicated to challenging the misconceptions in the Mathematics discipline and teaching. He enjoys finding ways that are unique to teaching mathematics to students so that they can better learn and master the subject. He uses resources such as Khan Academy, flash cards, and riddles to enhance traditional ways of teaching, instead of standing in front of the classroom and writing sophisticated equations. He believes that maths is fun, and life with maths skills is amazing and worth living!

  • Cindy Carelse

    Cindy Carelse is a 3rd year Bachelor of Education student at the University of the Western Cape, majoring in Mathematics and English. She was born and raised in Cape Town. Cindy is passionate about children and determined to give her learners the best education she is capable of giving. She strongly believes education, is the solution to every problem the world is currently facing. She enjoys being silly, reading all kinds of fiction and is thrilled to be part of the Numeric team.

  • Sithembile Cele

    BSc Chem Eng (UCT 2015)

    Sithembile is a Numeric Teaching Academy Fellow who loves a challenge and enjoys learning. After completing a degree in chemical engineering, her ultimate goal was to be an Environmental Engineer. Her passion for teaching is, however, steering her down a different career path. She is confident she will bring a great energy and love for Maths into the classroom. This aspiring teacher hopes to open a school that caters for the needs of students with learning difficulties.

  • Neliswa Dludla

    B Soc Sci (UCT 2015)

    Neliswa is a BSoc Sci graduate from the University of Cape Town. She is currently an E-learning curriculum editor and online English teacher. She draws inspiration from all agents of social change, across all areas of learning. She is most excited about working with children and teaching literacy and numeracy.

  • Zola Duma

    NDP Chem Eng (CPUT 2015)

    Zola, just like her name, is a quiet and calm person who is especially kind and caring. She was born and raised in the rural areas of the Eastern Cape where education is seen more as a privilege than a right. Unlike many of her peers, she has been fortunate enough to make it through university and is therefore a firm believer in education and educating others.

  • Khanyisane Falake

    NDP Mathematical Technology (CPUT 2015)

    Khanyisane is a beautiful, down to earth, tree hugging, pro-women education activist, who strongly believes in the power of hope and change through positive influence. In her spare time she tutors grade 12 Mathematics, reads fantasy fiction and plays chess (against herself... She remains undefeated) Her aim in life is to be the change that she would one day like to see in the world.

  • Ruth Francis

    Ruth is an aspiring young and fun teacher, who loves the outdoors and anything adventurous. She is very passionate about young kids and Maths. She cares about kids doing well at school and will do anything in her power to help them succeed in life. Ruth wants to shape her kids into mathematical geniuses who think critically about everything and see how maths works in our everyday life. She is a fun, loving, caring and passionate person who likes to do anything silly.

  • Marewaahn Gamiet

    In life we all have strengths and weaknesses. Marewaahn believes that we should work to improve our weaknesses and use our strengths to our advantage to be most effective. He wants to reach the full capacity of his physical and mental strength. Marewaahn is often playful and may lose focus at times, but he understands that priorities come first. To lead from the front is ideally his method due to a stable sports background.

  • Yonela Gomoshe

    Yonela is a second year student at UWC studying BSc in Mathematical and Statistical Science. He is fascinated by Science, especially the Queen of all Sciences, Mathematics. He strongly believes that education is the most effective solution to develop the world. He sees a great future in Mathematics and he always encourages learners to take maths seriously. He strongly believes that he can make a difference and he is always willing to help.

  • Saadiqah Hendricks

    Saadiqah is a vibrant and enthusiastic third year student who is passionate about kids and a perfectionist at heart. She loves making kids smile and tries to make learning a fun experience. Her hobbies are spending time on the beach and crossword puzzles. She is a logical problem solver and tries her utmost to accommodate the needs of all her learners so that they can reach their full potential. She firmly believes that "you reap what you sow".

  • Lonwabo James

    Lonwabo James is a determined and highly motivated person who takes her job seriously. She is easy-going, a delight to work with and has an optimistic attitude towards life. She is also a realist, copes well when the going gets tough and very good at finding solutions to problems. Above all, Lonwabo James is a positive, enthusiastic person who relishes a challenge.

  • Mpho Komako

    Mpho Komako is a young man, zealous for knowledge. He was born and raised is the city of Johannesburg and is currently doing his degree in Mathematical Statistics. His interests and happiness mostly depend on his ability to help others. He always goes an extra mile to help, most especially in the field of education. He believes that knowledge and education has the power to change the world for the better.

  • Thandeka Kulati

    BSc Microbiology (UCT 2015)

    Thandeka is an enthusiastic person who loves to teach. Although she seems quiet she is very approachable and easy to talk to. Very rarely will you not find a smile on her face. She is motivated by the Ella Fitzgerald quote that goes “Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong".

  • Babalwa Kuster

    Babalwa loves music and she is passionate about Mathematics and Science. She sees education as a solution to problems in life because she feels education has made her view of life more positive and successful. She loves perfection and in everything she does in life she puts all the effort she has. She loves her family and friends because she believes having people you love and you know they love you in return is the best thing a person could have.

  • Nicholas Lamprecht

    Nicholas is an aspiring young teacher. He currently studies education at UWC and he is majoring in Maths and Science. He is a soft-natured person and enjoys interacting with children. He enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and sports. He attended Fairview Primary School until grade 7, then went to South Peninsula High School, where he completed his grade 12. He enjoys being a Numeric coach and loves interacting with the children and preparing for his career as a full-time teacher.

  • Marshall Leeuw

    Marshall is a 24 year-old, final year student at UWC and originates form Knysna. Hard worker, passionate, and strong believer in the ability of others account for little of the words associated with him. He possesses great awareness and human relation skills. Helping others succeed and reach their goals is what he perceives as personal achievements.

  • Unam Lufele

    Unam Lufele was born in Cape Town and raised in the Eastern Cape. She now studies Mathematics and English at UCT. She loves people and enjoys being friendly and easily approachable. She values love and respect in her relationships and strives to bring positive energy to those around her.

  • Sebenzile Mbambo

    Sebenzile is a Bachelor of Education student at CPUT, majoring in Mathematics, Science and Technology. She believes every child deserves to be equipped with the skills and values in order to reach their potential. She loves working with children; watching them learn and discover the beauty and elegance of Mathematics. She believes that everyone is capable of doing in maths as it is part of our lives.

  • Sisipho Mjodo

    Sisipho is from a small town called Worcester and is currently completing her Bcom Accounting degree at the University of the Western Cape. She's the eldest of four children and as a result, is very passionate about giving back to her community. She is a member of a variety of organisations that seek to develop the youth of South Africa. She believes an educated nation is a powerful one.

  • Luxolo Mlofane

    Luxolo is a hard worker and is always willing to face challenges and to overcome them. Furthermore, he is dedicated, stays focused, and he listens to everyone's ideas. Luxolo also enjoys learning new things. He likes working with numbers and uses mathematical reasoning to solve real-life challenges.

  • Mthabisi Mlunjwa

    Mthabisi was born and raised in Gauteng. He is currently pursuing a BSc degree in Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Western Cape. Mthabisi is a calm and quite person who enjoys solitude however he is a complete chatter box when he finds someone to talk and joke with. It is his love for mathematics that drew him to Numeric and he believes he can offer valuable input into the lives of his students.

  • Lizzy Mmachaka

    BSc Applied Geology (UWC 2015)

    Lizzy is a Geology graduate from the University of the Western Cape who loves teaching Maths and Physical Sciences. She believes education is important and that everyone should be granted the opportunity, regardless of their circumstances. She lives by the saying – It’s the same sun that melts the ice and hardens the clay and the same boiling water that softens the potato, hardens the egg.

  • Avile Ameer Mxadi

    Avile Ameer enjoys semantics the most, interpreting and justifying when chilling with friends. Mathematics has been his favourite subject since primary school. As a result of his love for maths, his currently doing his final year in BEd at UWC majoring in Mathematics and Natural science. His goal is to eliminate the fear of doing maths and make learners desire to do maths.

  • Ali Myataza

    Ali Myataza is a confident, philosophical and passionate computer science student, at the University of the Western Cape. He enjoys teamwork and is enthusiastic about uplifting the youth through education. Apart from his hardworking, serious-self he enjoys soccer, house music and comedy. In addition he believes in good leadership and once you get to know him, he is a truly inspiring.

  • Larisse Naidoo

    BBusSci Management Studies (UCT 2015)

    Larisse is a Business Science graduate from the University of Cape Town who is currently completing her PGCE. She discovered her true passion for teaching whilst on a gap year as a volunteer English teacher. She hopes to become as great, passionate and inspiring a teacher, as many of those whom she had the privilege of being taught by.

  • Sibulele Ndindwa

    Sibulele is a currently studying at the University of the Western Cape. She is a wonderful person and her passion for maths defines her. She loves kids and loves maths and therefore wants her students to love maths too. She strongly believes that the teacher determines a child’s attitude towards maths for life. Maths is a game and if you know the rules, then the game will be easy.

  • Sivuyile Ndumbana

    NDP in Mathematical Technology (CPUT 2015)

    Before joining the Numeric Teaching Academy, Sivuyile completed a national diploma in Mathematics and Statistics at CPUT. He tutored for three years and fell in love with the education profession. As a result, he is doing his PGCE this year.
    Sivuyile is a very approachable person. He seems mysterious and reserved at first but once you get to know him, he's a fun and loving extrovert. Soccer is another passion of his. He is highly protective of his loved ones and enjoys meeting new people.

  • France Nyambi

    France was born in Mpumalanga and is currently studying teaching at CPUT. France is an enthusiastic and goal-driven young man who is very passionate about education. France has a structured approach to work and focuses on small details, like working with people. He believes in life long learning and he is interested in business and community development. He spends most of his time helping where he can.

  • Xolisile Pato

    Xolisile considers that with Mathematics, we can solve an infinite number of solutions. He is currently pursuing his BSc Mathematics, Statistics and Economics Degree at the University of the Western Cape. He believes that with the help of Numeric he can inspire a change in the way young minds view mathematics. He is passionate about kids and dreams of seeing everyone becoming as passionate about maths as he is. “Mathematics is like a language, if you don’t understand a language you will not hear a word”.

  • Valley Phaka

    NDP Accountancy (UJ 2014)

    Valley is a calm, humble and passionate person who believes that the greatest legacy one can leave on this earth is change - changing a person’s life for the better by simply sharing light. Valley believes that a child's future is not determined by where he/she comes from nor his/her background. His kids like to call him Nicholas because of his uncanny resemblance to the character on Generations ;)

  • Siviwe Phantsi

    Siviwe Phantsi is an energetic, motivated and passionate mathematics teacher. He is currently completing an educational course at the University of the Western Cape. In addition he motivates, young children from the townships, to pursue their dreams. He believes that education is the key to success, and success is key to happiness.

  • Siboniso Qosho

    Siboniso is great at making people laugh. He connects with others easily and he uses his sense of humour to make learners feel comfortable in the classroom. Siboniso puts in a lot of effort to make maths interesting to his learners and takes pride in seeing his learners’ marks improve over time. Siboniso’s enthusiasm is obvious and spreads quickly to those around him. When he is not coaching, Siboniso is probably playing soccer.

  • Fagmie Roberts

    Fagmie is a Bachelor of Education student at the University of the Western Cape, majoring in Mathematics and Science. He is an activist for equality in the education system of South Africa and believes that through programmes such as Numeric, we can tackle the inequalities head-on. In addition, he is a fun loving, sport fanatic that enjoys outdoor life and he believes that teaching should be done with a smile.

  • Mtandazo Rondo

    BSc Chemistry (UWC 2015)

    Mtandazo Rondo is an individual who is full of ideas and promotes amalgamation in solving problems. He is a spontaneous, hard-working dreamer and ‘go-getter’. In his academic journey, he has shown exceptional ability to conduct himself as a scholar and public orator. He has a burning desire for teaching, which developed at an early age. He holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry attained from the University of the Western Cape.

  • Siphesihle Soko

    Siphesihle Soko is a third year student studying BEd at UWC majoring in Mathematics and Natural Science. She grew up in a village called Ejolweni in Lady Frere where she did her lower grades. She then went to Desmond Mpilo Tutu High School in Paarl. She enjoys working with and inspiring children and finds Mathematics an interesting subject. She believes in better education for all and the sky is the limit.

  • Sinesipho "Queue" Witbooi

    Queue was born and raised in King Williams Town. He is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Western Cape and majoring in Statistics. Queue has a passion and great love for both children and mathematics. He believes that determination and hard work are the keys to success.

  • Mthobisi Zulu

    BSc Environmental & Water Science (UWC 2015)

    Mthobisi was born in Mpumalanga and moved to the Western Cape to study Environmental and Water Sciences at UWC. He has been involved in numerous activities including mentoring at University. He performed exeptionally in the MTN Mini Quiz, SAASTA Olympiad and in sport. From there Mthobisi quickly realised his love for Mathematics. He soon made his decision that he was going to help with tutoring. He adapts quickly in a new environment and likes to socialise and share ideas with other people. He is a currently completing his PCGE through the Numeric Teaching Academy.

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