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Maths Practice and Videos Video Activity Solution
Addition with Carrying English 1, English 2, IsiZulu
Multiplication with 2 and 4 English, IsiZulu
Multiplication with 8 and 12 IsiZulu, English
Multiplication with 9, 10 and 11 English, IsiZulu
Multidigit Multiplication English 1, English 2, IsiZulu
Addition with Carrying Question Solution
Subtraction with Borrowing Question Solution
Addition and Subtraction Word Sums Question Solution
Multiplication with Carrying Question Solution
Perimeter English, IsiZulu
Perimeter Question Solution
Area of Regular Shapes English
Area of Irregular Shapes English
Area Question Solution
Divisibility English, IsiZulu
Divisibility Question Solution
Introduction to Division English, IsiZulu
Introduction to Division Question Solution
Long Division English 1, English 2
Long Division Question Solution
Finding Factors English, IsiZulu
Finding Factors Question Solution
Prime Factorisation English
Prime Factorisation Ladder Method Activity Solution
Prime Factorisation Tree Method Activity Solution
Highest Common Factor English, IsiZulu
Highest Common Factor - Prime Factorisation Question Solution
Highest Common Factor - Listing Method Question Solution
Introduction to Fractions English, IsiXhosa
Introduction to Fractions Question Solution
Introduction to Fractions Question Solution
Simplifying Fractions English
Simplifying Fractions - Listing Method IsiXhosa
Simplifying Fractions - Prime Factorisation IsiXhosa
Simplifying Fractions Question 1, Question 2 Solution 1, Solution 2
Simplifying Fractions HCF Question Solution
Equivalent Fractions English, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu
Maths24 Activity Solution
M24_01 Question Solution
M24_02 Question Solution
M24_03 Question Solution
M24_04 Question Solution
M24_05 Question Solution
M24_06 Question Solution
Riddles Activity Solution
Lock Riddle Solution
Shoe Riddle Solution
Block Riddle Solution
Find the missing numbers Riddle Solution
Area Riddle Solution
Division Riddle Solution
Finding Factors Riddle Solution
Highest Common Factor Riddle Solution
Introduction to Fractions Riddle Solution
Introduction to Fractions Riddle Solution
Equivalent Fractions Riddle 1, Riddle 2 Solution 1, Solution 2