• Ruth Brain

    Program Manager

    Ruth has always enjoyed teaching - starting at a young age playing 'teach-teacher', with her sometimes unwilling 'student', her younger sister. Having been involved in education NGOs at university and tutoring across the Cape Town, Ruth is passionate about being part of positive change in young people's lives. She loves sudoku puzzles, any kind of competition and keeping everyone on their toes with some office banter. When she isn't at work, she likes swimming in the sea, camping in beautiful spots and trying to keep her garden alive.

  • Jo Denysschen


    With over 7 years’ experience in administration, Jo brings her skills and knowledge in assisting the Numeric team with the “behind the scenes” tasks. She believes wholeheartedly in education, especially in the foundation phase and her favourite school subject was mathematics. Jo enjoys sewing, reading and making up random songs.

  • Andrew Einhorn

    Managing Director

    From the early days of playing Maths24 and making number patterns out of the speedometer reading on his moms Opel Kadett, Andrew has been passionate about numbers. He founded Numeric in October 2011 when he set up his first Khan Academy pilot program in Makhaza, Khayelitsha. He spends most of his time thinking about how to make Khan Academy useful, accessible and relevant to South African learners.

  • Sibonelo Hlalaphi

    Program Manager

    Sibonelo fell in love with mathematics in her grade 9 classroom, where she had heated debates with her father who was also her maths teacher. It was after this experience that she felt that every student should love and not fear mathematics. During her final year at university, Sibonelo started tutoring grade 12 students in Mathematics and Physics, and this is when she fell in love with working with young people. When not in the office, Sibonelo is probably climbing a mountain or having a long walk along the beach. She also enjoys arts and craft and is always starting craft projects.

  • Stephen Kweza

    Chief Program Manager

    Having started tutoring mathematics at grade 9, Stephen loves numbers and looking for patterns to make maths fun. Stephen loves to be around children and he teaches them mathematics with a smile. He believes that every child has a right to have an excellent mathematics teacher. Being part of Numeric, he gets to see this becoming a reality. When he's not working, Stephen plays soccer, hikes with his niece and spends time with his baby boy Bantu.

  • Keenan Lawrence

    Systems Administrator

    Keenan loves puzzles. He's fond of encouraging his peers to think beyond conventional ways of teaching maths and suggesting ways to explain the underlying principles behind procedural ways of solving problems. He is also highly regarded by our learners for explaining the Golden Ratio and encouraging learners to see the beauty of mathematics. He aspires to lecture university maths as a career and continue extending the boundaries of what we think we know about maths.

  • Rugare Mabeza

    Program Manager

    Rugare is bubbly character who loves working with numbers. Her love for Maths was instilled by her Grade 3 teacher and she never turned back. As a Teach SA Alumnus, she brings with her knowledge, experience and skills that make a meaningful contribution to Numeric's mission of creating high-impact learning environments in low income areas. She's a Maths 24 aficionado and spends most of her time explaining to Numeric directors how to solve the Level 3 cards!

  • Emisang Machedi

    Chief Program Manager

    When going down the rides like the Tower of Terror at Gold Reef City, Emisang likes to calculate the average speeds and accelerations. In bus rides or long queues, he likes computing the average wait time or playing sudoku puzzles. But apart from being crazy about numbers, he is passionate about making a sustainable change where ever he is. Khan Academy has given him many "aha" moments, and he looks forward to sharing those moments far and wide!

  • Schae Niekerk

    Program Manager

    Schae joined Numeric as a coach in 2017 and has used her passion for maths education to help learners realise that maths can be fun and exciting. She has always had a passion for education and is constantly trying to find new ways to make maths and science less scary and easier for learners to understand. In her spare time, she enjoys playing squash, playing her saxophone and tutoring anyone she can in maths and science.

  • Luvuyo Notshokovu

    Program Manager

  • Nkosi Shologu

    Program Manager

    Nkosi believes that maths is not about computation, but rather about understanding. Having fun, being creative, and solving problems encourages the learning process. As a former maths teacher, he believes strongly that next generation should know mathematics for them to recognise opportunities.  His passion for teaching started when he was tutoring first year maths students at University while he, himself, was studying his second year. Nkosi‘s favourite sport is soccer.

  • Bernice Skhotha

    Program Manager

    By taking over a class whenever a teacher was outside or absent, it was always clear that teaching was both a calling and a passion for Bernice. Growing up on the dusty streets of Soweto, Bernice always loved helping other learners with their school work, especially Mathematics. Her passion for helping others excel has driven Bernice to join the Numeric team and help set strong foundations in Mathematics to create opportunities for learners to realise their dreams.

  • Kristen Thompson

    General Manager

    With her big smile and make-the-circle-bigger attitude, Kristen will do almost anything to make learning fun! Singing out of tune, dancing slightly off beat, and stumbling over clicks while practicing Xhosa are just a few of the things she does to connect with learners. Although she loves teaching in the classroom, she now uses her passion for education to support and encourage our coaches. She is also fond of high-fives, hugs, and hand-written notes.

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