After-School Programs

Numeric has developed a low-cost, scalable model for the delivery of high impact after-school programs in low-income areas. We currently partner with 36 schools in Cape Town and Johannesburg with 85 active coaches and 2000 participating learners. Our programs are targeted at learners in Grades 6, 7 and 8, and provide an intensive one-year program that covers arithmetic and pre-algebra.

Because most South African children have developed gaps in their foundational mathematics, Numeric programs are not curriculum aligned, but focus on building mathematics intensively and rapidly from the ground up. Our programs are staffed by passionate young coaches who themselves are training to become maths teachers. With just one in six applicants securing a coaching position, we are able to ensure a high quality of coach that in turn ensures a high-quality learning outcome.


For every 100 children who entered Grade 1 in 2006, only 45 of them wrote matric in 2017. Of those original 100, only 21 of them wrote pure mathematics and less than 3 passed with a mark above 60%, ensuring them entry into university studies in maths and sciences. Less than 3% of children who started school together in Grade 1 finished matric in 2017 with a solid understanding of mathematics and the skills required to access tertiary studies in maths and sciences.

At Numeric, we believe that an intervention at the high school level is too late to stem the tide of drop-out and loss of confidence in this important subject. That is why our interventions focus on the last year of primary school – our work allows more learners to leave primary school with a solid foundation in basic mathematics, enabling them to choose pure mathematics and be more successful in high school mathematics, thereby gaining access to tertiary studies.